Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just my day.

Today has been a good day.  I was woken up early by my son, Benjamin, asking if he and Eliana could watch a movie.  They had a sleep over in his room last night, following a bathing suit bath in the soaker tub.  Thankfully, they did not wake up too early, but earlier than I like on a Saturday.  Despite the early tap on the shoulder, I was able to sleep a little bit longer.  Then, by 7:30, I was up making a pancake, sausage, and egg breakfast for the troops.  I think Ken was surprised I was up and at'em so early on a Saturday.  I am, by nature, one who loves to sleep in.  But, last night, I had promised Ben a pancake breakfast, so a pancake breakfast is what he got.

After a yummy breakfast, Zac, Ben, Elly, and I played an exciting game of Uno.  Elly and I were partners and we won the first two hands!  Whoo Hoo!  Ben won the third hand, which everyone was glad about.  Even Elly thought it was nice that Ben won at least one round.

The kids decided they would play Lego or Nerf or some sort of adventure game in the basement.  But, before I let them go, I asked them to all clean their rooms and the bonus room.  Only Elly had a hard time getting the task done in a reasonable time frame, her little legs dragging as if tied to blocks of concrete..."but I'm just so tired," she said.  "Well," I reasoned, "if you are just so tired, then I guess you should go back to bed rather than play with your brothers."  With that, the cleaning continued and was completed.  What kid wants to waste the day away in bed when there is some good playing to get to?!?  Though, rather than play with "the brothers", Elly invited me to put together a we did.

After a little while, Elly and I went to the YMCA to partake in a family Zumba class and a family fitness class.  It was really fun.  Perhaps it will become a weekend ritual.  Eliana enjoyed herself, but was clearly tiring out by the end.  As we were putting on our boots to leave, Elly sighed and stated, "my body is not made for Zumba!"  I had to giggle and wonder how many times I've said the same thing about exercise. 
Elly decides to go with the ever popular "Three Pony" hairstyle for Zumba today.

No good work out would be complete without a nourishing lunch at....Taco Bell.  Yes, that's right.  Elly and I met up with my sister and her two girls for Taco Bell.  Mmmmmmm....  I love meeting my sister for lunch.  Actually, I just love hanging out with her period.  It is one of the reasons I am happy to be back in Minnesota.  She is a great sister and a good friend.  It was my sister who also alerted me to the good deal at Target - buy 7 frozen food items, get a $5 gift card.  So, off Elly and I went to stock up on frozen foods.  42 frozen food items later (along with some non-frozen items), we were done.  I still have some room in my freezer, however, so I may meander back later.  This time, I will have coupons in hand as well.

Well, it is now nearing 4:30.  The sun is shining.  My day has been good and full.  I've had good kid time, a bit of sister time, some good deal shopping, and now some relaxed writing.  My oldest, Zachary, is lying next to me, wondering why I am "randomly writing" about all these things.  I showed him my blog, thinking he might be impressed by my literary works of art.  He's not.  However, he thinks it is funny that I am writing about him while he's right next to me.  He also suggests that I misspell words to be humorous.  That makes me laugh.

I am thankful for a relatively uneventful but full-ish kind of day.  It makes me feel like I've accomplished some things without feeling like I was pressured to do so.  I am even more thankful for the relational aspects of my day.  I am sure I have a few more "chores" to do and some more family time to enjoy.  Ben is having a play and then a sleepover across the street.  Ken is grading.  Elly is quietly playing in her room.  Zachary has now moved onto the computer.  And I am content and thankful for the simply good stuff of my day.  No big insights to's just my day.


  1. Kathy, I am impressed with how often you seem to stop what you are doing and play with your kids. It makes me wonder how you get anything done and challenges me to rethink how often I don't sit down to play with my little ons. Thanks for giving me something to think about it and I am loving your blog!

  2. Hey Amy! Lots of things go undone, I think. And, keep in mind I only write about bits and pieces of my day. I don't play with the kids nearly as much as I ought, I'm sure. Thank you so much for reading and posting. I would LOVE to sit a while with you one day. So much has changed for both of us since our Westerly days.


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