Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hooray for homecomings!

I have been on my own this past week.  My amazing husband took my three monkeys on a road trip to see his parents in sunny Fairhope, Alabama.   After this trip, I really believe that my husband is the best there is.   

This was no wimpy road trip that you do on a sunny morning's drive.  Oh was a kick butt 20 hour road trip with a wickedly awesome hotel-with-a-pool overnight.  And, to top it off, this trip came complete with its own stomach flu!  You read correctly...stomach flu.  You see, while enroute, my middle guy started in with some vomiting.  There is nothing that brings out a father joy more than vehicular vomit!  Later, while in the hotel, Ben's other end started up as well.  Poor Ken was Ben's bed buddy too.   Ken's description of the whole event was humorously horrible!  I felt awful for my son and worse for my husband.  To top it off, once they got to Fairhope, this big nasty bug worked its way through each of my four family members.   Yet, every time I talked to Ken, he demonstrated a sense of humor and did not even complain.  Amazing!

Thankfully, the bug was as fast as it was gross.  After about 24 hours with each person, it seemed to be done.  Fortunately, they were able to soak up a few rays and enjoy some relaxation before starting the journey home.

I'm not gonna lie.  I have enjoyed some of the peace and quiet while they have been away.  However, I have also missed my crazy bunch an awful lot.  So, I decided to share just a few of the things I missed about my fabulous four!
First off, my hot hubby....

- his handsome good looks
- his great sense of humor
- his Legotime with the kids
- his backrubs
- his good perspective
- his amazing blue eyes
- his cute smile and dimples
- his care for people
- his smart thinking about many things
- his deep thoughts about God

Now to my zany Zachary...

- his crazy imagination
- his gift for drawing
- his gift for writing comics
- his sensitive spirit toward himself and others
- Zac sized hugs
- the help he offers so frequently
- his charming good looks
- his silliness
- his care for his siblings
- his hard work

On to my busy Ben...

- his big eyes
- his funny sense of humor
- his goofy made up words
- his smile
- Ben sized hugs
- his sugar
- his energy
- his persistence
- his pursuit of fun
- his care for others

And, finally, to my engaging Eliana...

- her sweetness: just look at that cutie pahtootie!
- her incredible imagination
- her free-loving spirit
- her stories
- her songs
- her snuggles (aka Elly sized hugs)
- her fashion sense
- her care for others
- her peacemaking
- her love for her brothers

I cannot imagine my life without the other four parts that make up my whole.  Though there are mommy moments when I long for quiet and stillness in my busy life, I would not trade what I have for the world. I have an amazing husband who reminds me daily that he loves me.  I have three fantastic kids who remind me daily what it means to live out loud - in the good stuff and in the hard stuff.  

It won't be long before the silence in my quiet home is broken and the freshly mopped floors are dirtied.  Lucky for me, that means it won't be long before I get to scoop up my kids to love on them and plant a big ole kiss on my hubby.  Hooray for homecomings!!

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