Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are you saying to yourself?

It started out as a lovely transition between the chaos of dropping kids off at school and going out to meet a new friend for "coffee" (neither of us, in fact, drink coffee...we both had chi...YUM!).  I managed to get in a hot bath, complete with a bath bomb and a good book (Henri Nouwen's Home Tonight).  

But then, as I pulled my shirt down while getting dressed, I noticed them.... deodorant marks.  Those three distinct white lines across my otherwise solid dark purple shirt, looking soooo hot under my right armpit.  Unattractively testifying to my attempts at hygiene, they were stubborn in coming off.  And, although this is not an uncommon occurrence in the life of a socially conscience adult, this thought quickly flashed across my mind: "I can't even put a shirt on without a mess!"  And then..."I wish I had contacts."  Followed by..."Ugh...I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hair cut so short," and "I'll probably be late now - that will be a good first impression!"

It was amazing how fast I let those negative thoughts sneak in and steal a moment of joy.  Thankfully, I quickly realized what had happened and how "not cool" this was and resolved to turn my thoughts around.  However, it got me to things often do...about how they say you need 5 positive comments to cancel out a negative comment (or whatever the number they say it is).  It made me remember how often we, especially women (I think), have bad self talk that needs to be replaced with some positive self talk.

So, in light of this ugly reminder to me today, here are some things that I need to remember about me...and, likely, that you need to remember about you....
  • You are one of a kind - amazingly unique
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made by One who knew you before you even were
  • You have gifts and talents that make a difference
  • You are really good at ______________ !  It's true.
  • You were created in the image of the One who created all things
  • You are beautiful just the way you are (or - you are handsome just the way you are)
  • There would be a void if you were not here
  • God loves you like crazy!  
  • Each new moment is just that...a new moment.  Seize it.
  • You have value just because you are
I could come up with lots more specific to me.  Likely, I could come up with lots more specific to you too.  Feel free to call me on that one.  I'd love to remind you of some things you need to know about yourself!

By the way, today was the day that I met with Lisa, who I wrote about here.  I have to say that, despite being on the other foot, the shoe fit just fine!  I had a lovely time getting to know her.  Lisa and I had a lot in common, which was fun for both of us.  Some of the parallels were pretty remarkable, actually - the ages and genders of our kids, adoption, our kids' personality mixes, ministry experience, fabulous youthful good looks and great senses of humor (see how I put that positive self talk in there?!?!).   I imagine we will do it again sometime!  

After meeting a new friend, I got to hang with a dear old friend, whom I mentioned before. We went out for a fabulous lunch!  It was great sharing some more life with this awesome lady!  

Good family time at home and at the YMCA with my sister rounded out my day.  Awesome!

In spite of the miniature moments of ugly talk, I had an amazing day.  In my cheesiness, I found the following video to help reflect the sentiment...  (oh yeah...please, don't let the creepy carousel music stop you from enjoying the little walk down memory lane)

Thanks for reading!  And are amazing!


  1. as always your word hit home.. Thank you yet again my lovely friend..its like you are right next door :)

  2. Oh, me tooooooo! I miss you and so wish you were right next door. I would soak it right up!


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