Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just for fun

Video games are a big deal at our house.  Somewhat to my chagrin, my kidlets, primarily my boys, really love to play video / computer games.  For one child, this has not really been a big deal.  Like a social drinker, he can handle going a few days without playing games quite nicely.  But when given the opportunity, he enjoys kicking back and playing one of his favourites.  He especially enjoys showing off his creative creations that some of the computer games allow him to generate.  For one child, however, video games have an addicting effect.  Video / t.v. time limits must be enforced in our household because of this addict-like longing.  Despite knowing the draw that games like MarioCart and Wii Sports might have, I never would have fully predicted the hold that the gaming realm would have on my sweet pea.  And, if I could turn back time, I'm not sure I ever would have allowed the systems into our house.  Funny...I don't ever remember Pong having such a hold on me. 


While I could draw a TON of life lessons from this observation, I am not going to do so tonight.  I may at a later point, but I am far too tired right now.  Rather, I wanted to use that observation as a segue to something I found recently that made me laugh.  (By the way, I just learned that the word segue is spelled s.e.g.u.e., not s.e.g.w.a.y. - cool.)  A FB friend of mine posted a video by Julian Smith the other day and I got hooked into watching a number of his videos.  He is very creative and funny.  I must say, off the bat, however, that there is at least one character/sketch series (I have not viewed all of his videos) that I am NOT a fan of for a variety of reasons (Jeffrey).  But, many of his videos are witty and fun.  Some offer funny insights into issues of the day and the ridiculous things that we do.  This particular video falls into this category.  It made me (and my kids) laugh out loud.  Enjoy...

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