Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids that color together...

One of my favourite things is seeing and hearing my children get along with one another.  There is such contentment in watching them work together, play together, and encourage one another.  A kind word shared between two or three of them is like a song to my spirit.  A helpful hand or supportive gesture is a gift not only amongst themselves, but directly to me as well.  Cooperative laughter and giggles is the best kind of medicine.

One of the cool things my kids enjoy doing together is drawing or coloring.  Over the last year, especially, I have found them time and time again, lined up in a row, coloring together.  Often times, one starts out, proclaiming that he or she is going to color.  Before I know it, another has joined in.  Eventually all three are lined up in a row at the bar or gathered round the table.  Often, Zachary can be found coaching or encouraging the younger two as they strive to draw something as intricate or "awesome" as he did.  At times, Elly asks Ben to help her as well, such a confidence building moment for this big brother.  Much of the time, stories are generated along with the drawings...wonderful creative minds at work.

There are, of course, some moments when the cherubs do not get along so well.  But moments like those above are a soothing salve over the scrapes of sibling rivalry.   The joy found in a simple act of putting pen to the page together bonds these three in special ways.  Who knew the power hidden in a marker moment of togetherness?  I can't wait to experience more and more of these moments along the way.  Now, if only, I could figure out to slow the sands of time...

(Short and simple tonight - it's been a busy end to the week!)


  1. I absolutely agree that seeing and hearing my kids enjoying their time together is so soul-filling. Especially when the chaos has been descending for what seems like an eternity.

  2. kids color together too - only they color ON each other! I have never had a child color on the wall or carpet or whatnot - nope - but all over each other - they don't seem to want to outgrow it! Cute kids you have! Blessings, Jennifer

  3. I hear ya, Kristi!! Jennifer, you made me laugh. I'm surprised my kids don't color on each other. Ha ha! :) Miss you both!


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