Friday, April 15, 2011

Light ThirstDay Night!

When I was about 9 years old, I had this shirt - imagine a very retro form fitted looking shirt - that said "Glad it's ThirstDay" on it.  It had a picture of a rootbeer float (or some such beverage) and straw on it.  I wore it only on Thursdays.  I thought I was very cool and extremely hip.   Somewhere, I've got a picture where I'm wearing this shirt in front of my Uncle Marty's house.  I'm standing with my good looking male cousins (you know, with awesome 70's boy hair and short shorts) and thought I was really hot. Today, it makes me giggle.  For some reason, I've had this shirt on my mind today.  And, given that it is Thursday, I thought I should jot it down before it leaves my thoughts again.

I decided, as I was thinking about my "ThristDay" shirt, that I would go light a skinny latte (apparently...since I don't drink lattes or other coffee based beverages).  So, in honor of my skinny latte kind of day, here are a few things that one may or may not know about me, but may bring about a few giggles...

1)  As a kid, I was in children's theatre.  That in itself, may not bring about a guffaw.  However, the following picture may just cause a smile to crack.  Steve, a friend from my childhood and recent re-connect, posted this on F.B for all to see.  We were "co-stars" in Tom Sawyer.  It was the biggest role of my theatrics career - with the ghost of Christmas Past (? - I think that was the one I was) coming in a close second.  I thought I had really made it big!  Must have been the feathered Farrah Fawcett locks and turtle neck that secured my role!

2)  I sing out loud alot, especially to 70's and 80's music!  While growing up, it was very common to find me playing Barbie in my yellow-gingham-flower wallpapered room, while listening to the radio or my LPs.  I am amazed at how I can still  hold the lyrics of songs in memory and recall them on a whim, but can not remember what I did over the weekend by the time Monday roles around.  One of my favourite songs was America's Horse With No Name.

I still pride myself in knowing most, if not all, of the lyrics to Devil Went Down To Georgia. AND I can sing it time with Charlie Daniels.  Looking back, this may have been a precursor to rap.  Hmmmm....

3)  My best friends and I used to enjoy putting on "shows" for our families and each other.  We would put little make up dots on our chins so that it looked like faces if we lay on our backs.  We thought we were extremely funny...and I believe we were. 

This past summer, my girlfriends and I got together with our kids.  It had been many years since we'd all seen each other.  For the sake of our children (yeah, that's it), the three of us pulled out our "Chins" act again.  Still a crowd pleaser!!

After our show stopper finale, several of our kids decided to do their own performance.  It made it all worth it!  Zachary added glasses to his chin man...very nice touch.

4)  Often, when my husband gives me a compliment, especially if it is related to how I look, I can't help but make a goofy face.  It's like it's just too much for me to handle seriously.  I love the compliments, but don't handle the attention very well.  We usually end up laughing about it.  Sorry, no visual supports for this one!

5) I talk in my sleep.  I'm not sure that I talk in my sleep as much as I used to, but I used to talk in my sleep ALOT!  When we were first married, Ken would tell me almost every morning about some strange thing I said or did in the night.  The one that stands out most was the time I started yelling out, "Watch out!  It's falling!"  When Ken jolted awake, he opened his eyes to find my hand slowly coming down toward his head, while I continued to bellow out my warning.  Needless to say, he grabbed my hand to keep it from colliding into his face, narrowly escaping certain pain...okay, maybe only certain awkwardness, as my hand was moving quite slowly for someone yelling with such earnest.  I'll have to ask Ken if I've been talking much lately.

6)  I have an extremely vivid and active dream-life...which may well explain the sleep talking.  Most mornings, I wake up remembering, at least for a period, what I dreamed about.  Often, I wake up tired from the life I live while I am asleep.  One of the first dreams I had that I still remember happened when I was 10 or so.  It was about UFOs that came and started shooting lasers down, disintegrating everything in their paths.  I ran from place to place to stay out of the deadly rays (under tables, behind walls, etc) as I watched people and things crumble to dust.  Wow...okay, that is not so much funny as it is sad and scary.  But, the funny thing, perhaps, is the glimpse into my crazy busy mind.  Sometimes I wish I didn't dream so much because it can truly be exhausting.  At the same time, however, I cannot imagine my nights without my dreams.  It's like going to the theater every night...minus the popcorn and pop.  It is a fun wild night life that I lead.

7) last one for the night.  This one takes courage.  Here it is.
When I was 13 years old or so, I took..................................................................Break Dance lessons!
It is true.  To this day, I can still recall a snip-it of one of my smokin' routines.  I took lessons with a friend who shall remain nameless at this time (you know, to protect the innocent).  We were pretty much hot stuff!   It was around the time break dance movies, and break dance in general, were popular.  I still have one of the song lyrics from movie Beat Street in my mind today as it played on a preview commercial....
Beat Street is the king of the street, you see him rockin' that beat from across the street.  And (huh huh), beat street is a lesson too, because ya can't let the street beat you! HUH!.... (spoken) Beat Street...rated PG.
During this same era, a family of brothers (who were friends of mine) put down massive cardboard pieces on the floor in their basement.  This served as a hot break dancing zone!  Ha ha ha!  I don't think I actually did much break dancing there.  I'm sure I was far too embarrassed. 

Ahhhhh...this was fun.  I like light Thursday night.  Maybe I will have to do it again sometime.  But for now, I am far too tired as I stayed up too late reminiscing and giggling to myself!  Off to bed I go!

As always, thanks for stopping by! 

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